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Top 5 Mobile Technology Trends To Watch in 2020

Top 5 Mobile Technology Trends To Watch in 2020

Chandra Dangwal


Things have enhanced beyond our imagination with the rise of smartphone technology. Very easily, smartphones have become our quintessential items.

Both app developers and users are responsible for this evolution. Nonetheless, these trends have simplified our lives in different ways.

Mobile technology is growing at the rapid speed impacting new trends for better user experiences. It’s a perfect time to analyze and set the new trends for upcoming years! Just think once, of the technologies which have evolved in the last 10 years, which might excite you for the upcoming years. We have got you covered with the top trending mobile technologies of 2020 in this blog. Let’s begin.

Why businessmen should look out for these trends

As a daily mobile user we should always stay updated with the new trends in mobile technology. Also, if you are an entrepreneur you should look for these trends to understand the demand in the market. It’s always better to go with the trend than to research what your competitors are on to.

The world is indeed moving in the direction of new technologies. That is the reason why every businessman should stay updated about the latest trends in technologies. This will help them a lot in understanding the demanding trends in the market.

The mobile app industry is one domain that keeps on refining almost every day. So, to keep up with the ever-increasing customer demands, you need to bring the required changes in the process.

Mobile Technology is the most exciting thing in the 21st century. The technical sector is the most evolving sector and hence excites everyone.

After making an in-depth analysis of the mobile app industry, our expert panel has come up with the top mobile application technology trends that will make it big in 2020.

Here, I am not suggesting that you use all the technological trends in your business, rather I am just enlightening a few technology trends available in the market.

We are here to take you through the list of most trending technologies in 2020. According to our research these are the top 5 mobile technology trends to watch in 2020.

Here are trending mobile technologies to watch in 2020

Business with new mobile technology trends is the best way, to fulfill the client’s satisfaction and make their life simpler and faster. Below is the list of upcoming top 5 trending mobile technologies in 2020.

 1- Voice Based AI Advancement

 2- 5G technology

3- APM and EMM

4- Augmented Reality

5- Biometrics Advancement (Zero Dependance on Passwords)

Brief explanations of the above-listed trending mobile technologies are given below :

Voice Based AI advancement

Imagine if you could make your car go pick up your kid simply by controlling your mobile and you could not make any effort. So, just think once how much your life becomes simple and comfortable. This technique helps to convert the impossible into And it is all possible with the help of advancement technology(AI). This technique helps to convert the impossible into possible, which means you can easily trace and track any piece of  information and work without going anywhere.

In the year 2018, there was a huge flux  which used AI- based applications and tools to increase their business productivity and almost all the sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, homes, automobile start etc  used the AI technologies.

At present, almost every person is aware of artificial Intelligence technology, which is rapidly integrated into everyone’s life from voice based AI such as Alexa, Google Assistant, smart watches, smart glasses and many more.

Increased Use Of Voice Based AI Searches

Voice-based AI is now used everywhere. According to the recent report by Gartner, more than 40% of searches will be voice-based. Today people are using Alexa , Google Home for food ordering, playing.

Advantage of Voice-Based AI

Security Improvement:  Voice technology is a safe and quick way which works without passwords. And it is also easy to understand and follow. Although, it requires little training to recognise the voice.

Fast and Easy: With the voice recognition, interaction with the devices has become easier and faster instead of typing commands using a keypad, people interact with the voice recognition.

Multitasking: Voice based ordering through mobile helps to perform multiple tasks.

5 G Technology

5G technology

The 5G technology is a new cellular network which promises to bring high speed with wider coverage. Now, 4G networks are common all over the world , but things are getting changed. And 4G is not able to manage huge amounts of data over the network. To resolve such problems, 5G technology comes with 10 times faster speed than the 4G networks, which allows to manage huge amounts of data over the network.

5 G is the fifth-generation technology which is standard for the cellular networks.

With the 5G network connections, the devices will receive numerous amounts of new data which helps your business increments, customers’ needs and builds a strong bond between users and business providers.

The fifth-generation 5G cellular networks are much smarter than the previous networks like 4G,3G, 2G, etc.

Key features where 5G is more demanding than 4G

Low Latency is the key feature which makes 5G more smarter than 4G networks. Latency is the time required for the set of data to pass from sender to receiver. Low latency means that you’d be able to use your mobile connection as a replacement of your Wi-Fi. 4G network has high rate latency which may take more time for data transferring, downloading and buffering while showing online videos.

5G is able to fix the bandwidth issues. There are many different devices which are connected to  3G and 4G networks, and they do not have the infrastructure to support emerging technologies.  But 5G has the capabilities to handle both the current devices and emerging technologies.


APM stands for Application Performance Management and EMM stands for Enterprise Mobile Management. APM and EMM are the two mostly used mobile technologies.

APM is the mobile metrics, which helps to boost the mobile app performances.  In 2016, APM got integrated into Google. It was introduced to resolve the slow down performance issues of the mobile apps. Because of this feature APM has become the best tool for quality assurance testing  of apps with test procedures.

Whereas, EMM or Enterprise Mobile Management is a platform which is designed to secure the organization data on employee devices. The main objective behind the use of EMM is to bring their own device policy  (BYOD), whereby  organization allows their employees to use their personal devices to the workplaces. EMM manages and reduces the security risk and all the compliance issues of the organization.

Enterprise Mobile Management helps organizations to enable safety mobile devices that are used by employees, which moreover helps in the mobile computing to organize the organization procedures.

There are some Components incorporate by EMM-

1- Finance Management

2- Applications security

3- Applications Maintenance

EMM does not make only the strong security structures but also helps all the employees to be more powerful by enabling the exchange of apps and data over mobile gadgets.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a trending technology that explains our physical world and adds digital information layers on it. Augmented Reality is defined as a system which fulfills the three main features, which are – real time interaction, a combination of virtual and real worlds and the 3D impact on virtual and real world objects.

Augmented Reality is used to enhance the natural environment and offers the perceptually enriched experiences. With the help of AR technology the information about the real world, surroundings of the users, becomes digitally manipulated and interactive.

These are the best use cases for Augmented Reality which will involve in the year 2020:

1- Augmented Reality in Medical Science.

2- AR  for fun like, making animal faces.

3- AR for Healthcare.

4- AR field services and smart Glasses.

5- Can create 3D paintings.

6- AR in Product Assumptions.

7- AR in designing and modelling.

8- AR for increased production

Most of the people think AR and VR are two similar terms which may create a confusion in their mind. But actually AR and VR are two different technologies. Let’s take a look below on the differences between the AR and VR

Key Difference Between the Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

The term Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality may be confusing. Sometimes  people think they both are the same technology. But actually there is a difference between AR and VR technology.

The following table  mentions the key differences between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Augmented Reality  Virtual Reality
1- It shows the real world scenes. 1- It shows a mesmeric virtual environment.
2- AR is 75% real and 25%  virtual . 2- VR is 25% real and 75% virtual.
3- It partially immerses the user into action. 3- It fully immerses the user into action.
4- It requires 1000mbps of bandwidth. 4- It requires at least 50mbps of bandwidth.
5- AR is used to enhance both the virtual and real world. 5- VR is used to enhance fictional realty for the gaming environment.
6- AR headset is not required. 6- VR headset is required.
7- In the AR technology, users are still in touch with the real environment while interacting with the virtual things near them. 7- In VR technology, users immerse themselves in a fully fictional world and are isolated from the real world.

Biometrics Advancements.

biometric advancement

The future with biometric advancement will be very easy, faster, more secured and zero dependency on passwords. Every person set a password in their device to maintain their privacy. Passwords are the most common ways to prove your identity when you are using the mobile, websites, computers or any account. But the passwords are not allowed full security because they can be hacked or decrypted by the hacker or programer. In such a situation you can believe in the advanced biometric technology, it allows the complete  security features with the help of advanced technology of biometrics like voice recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition. These are the technologies that make you zero dependent on passwords and maintain high privacy.

Biometrics are used to upgrade the security features for mobile devices. Below are some examples of biometrics-

1- Voice recognition

2- Face recognition

3- Fingerprint recognition

4- Signature recognition

5- Eyes recognition

Your current smartphone may have some biometric technology installed like fingerprint recognition, Face recognition, etc.

For example- let’s say you have an iPhone that was released in the last years. You are using the fingerprint biometric feature to unlock your device.

But now the current version of the iPhone X has the facial recognition to unlock the device. The biometric feature helps to increase the security reasons for various platforms.

Winding up

All the aforementioned mobile trends will certainly grow the industry rapidly. The competition among the mobile developers will increase this year. You should watch every trend before going for mobile purchase, app development and  mobile development.

Every new mobile trend has some pros and cons. If you are new in this industry you might find it difficult. Nevertheless with industry experts you can always find out the best.

Now that you know how to succeed in 2020, remember to implement the above mentioned trends while analysing the market trends.