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Spend The Bits App

Spend The Bits App


Spend The Bits App

Spend The Bits was created to facilitate simple, efficient, and global payments for Bitcoin users, through a modern and simple interface. Powered by world renowned XRPL network, users can transact with minimal fee, withdraw and deposit bitcoins in real time without any hassle which is a huge contrast to the current crypto system.


Company Name : Spend The Bits Inc.

Website :

Compared to other apps where it takes hours to transfer bitcoins with very high network fee, “Spend The Bits” has implemented the same using world renowned XRPL network to facilitate bitcoin transactions in seconds and with negligible network fee.



Spend The Bits is a cryptocurrency wallet cum payment facilitator app. STB thrives to build an ecosystem for encompassing end users, merchants, ATMs, where one can put his bitcoins to use and also gain rewards on the same. A system where merchants can, without hassle, accept crypto payments in seconds with the real-time conversion with their fiat currency. A system where one can confidently send or receive bitcoins from friends and family securely, and in seconds.

App that will give you access to wallet, to send your Crypto Currency as it is.

– Easy access to the STB wallet

– 20xrp fee in order to activate the wallet

– Send and Spend Crypto Currency

– Easy deposit and withdrawl money

– Secure transaction


Live Data

Get a comprehensive view of all your assets on a single page. See exactly which asset has been decreasing or appreciating in value.

Instant Payments

By Scan

A truly personal way of sending money. Simply Scan the recipient’s unique code.

By User Address

A truly personal way of sending money. Simply type in the recipient’s name, email or XRP Ledger address.

Profile And Account

General Features​

  • Compared to other apps where it takes hours to transfer bitcoins with very high network fees.
  • we have implemented it using xrpl network in such a way that it takes minutes with very less network fees to transfer bitcoins
  • Simple UI
  • Bitcoin price in various currencies
  • See all your transaction history

Security Features

  • Pin Functionality
  • OTP For Payments
  • To stop brute force attack, no of otp attempts is five after that for 30 minutes transaction not allowed
  • Notification when charges occur or bitcoin is received
  • Option to customise notifications


  • Built an application which takes minimum time to transfer bit coins with less network charges.
  • Show all transaction history of bit coins.
  • Extra security features like OPT  for the application security.
  • Stop application from brute force attack.
  •  Notification message should  pop on the the transaction

The Solutions

To achieve the objectives, we have created two accounts i.e Redeemable account and Non-redeemable account. User can select redeemable account to claim the gift and send requests to the admin panel for this.The points will be deducted fromredeemable account and will go to the requested gift account until user’s gets the gift. Once user gets the gift, then admin panel will deduct the point from a requesting gift account. Green symbol in the requested account indicates approval and red color indicated rejection. In rejection case, the points will go back to the respected accounts. Moreover,users will also notify regarding this.There will be different scheme for each distributor.No other distributor can see 2nd distributors schemes. Each one has its own schemes allocated.Push Notifications or notifications will be sent to each distributor about schemes. All notifications will be different for each distributors.


Compared to other apps where it takes hours to transfer bitcoins with very high network fees, we have implemented it using xrpl network in such a way that it takes minutes with very less network fees to transfer bitcoins

Video Introduction

Jaskaran Kambo,
Edmonton , Canada

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sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
Ut enim ad minim veniam,
quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.”

“Markchem Constructions is one of the best contractors we’ve worked with. The entire team carefully delivered a project of exceptional quality while staying on schedule and under budget. I hope we will work with Markchem Constructions again in the near future!”
Martin Hope
Martin HopePro Dust
“I just wanted to say thank you to the entire team of markchem for being so fun to work. It means a great deal to me and my organization we love the way when you solve whatever issue we’re up against. It’s a great thing, and I look forward to working with Markchem.
John Peter
John PeterDustic
Thanks for all your efforts in helping to create a great deal for our organization! The Mark Cham Construction team delivered a high-quality product, on time, and on the budget! We appreciate all your team and their efforts.”
Sophia james
Sophia jamesPro Dust
Since we began working with Mark chem Construction for the last 4 years, our relationship has been built on loyalty and respect. We count on their integrity expertise and honesty. Five successful projects later, they still exceed our expectations, without any question.
Steves Bermes
Steves BermesDustic

Download to Get Started

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