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Markchem Loyality App- Case Study

Case Study

MarkChem Loyalty App

MarkChem Constructions is one of the best chemical manufactures of Haryana,India. They are actively engaged in manufacturing an absolute range of Construction Chemicals and  premium quality assortment of Construction Chemicals. Their range includes  Waterproofing, Admixtures, Grouting, Adhesive and Repairs.

Markchem provides “redeem points” facility to their customers with their markchem loyalty app. By using these points, they can claim for discounts in the next purchase and rewards.


MarkChem Construction Services

Company name:  Markchem Constrcutions



At the beginning, Mr. Mark  wanted to create a user-friendly loyalty& rewards native Android app. By which users can get the rewards and discounts on their product purchase. To make it simple and easy for users he wish to create two different accounts with Distributors Schemes Allocation to redeem customers reward points. User can Add coupon Via coupon ID or QR code scanning. When the coupon is scanned, the coupon ID automatically gets inserted into coupon ID field. After successfully scanned, user can get its rewards points. 

Specifications of App

Name: MarkChem

Version: 1.0.5

Download Size: 52.46 MB

Released on: 18 May 2020


Clients Requirements

  • An attractive loyalty program experience.
  • Loyalty to the brand vs loyalty to the discount
  • Record of transaction History 
  • Scan coupons and QR code 

While Adding coupon point

  • Coupon can add through coupon ID
  • If user scan the coupon, the value of coupon code will be shown and coupon id automatically get inserted into coupon ID field.
  • When coupon id is scanned or manually written by user, user get the points and coupon points will be shown. And if there is any scheme and offers applied that points should also be shown to the user.



  • Initially, Admin will provide the login with Id and Password.
  • Register the account  With Valid Mobile no.
  • To validate Mobile no. OTP will be generate on the required mobile number. After the OTP verification and other necessary fields.   Distributor can login the account Via Phone number. In case, user forget the password then user can re-obtain password via SMS. User can only Login the id from one device, not from multiple device.

Key Features provided by the App

 The application provide Point Summary, where user get the following information’s-

  • Points Transfer from
  • Redeemable Account
  • Non-Redeemable Account -( show only when user sent to other)
  • Received points
  • Received Gift points.
  • Transfer Points
  • no. of Gift received

Following are the information provide in Transfer points are as follows-

  • Enter points to transfer
  • Enter CARD details or CARD ID number
  • From which account you need to transfer the points
  • Redeem Account or Non-Redeem Account
  • If the points are empty in any account, then Show a POP up: No points are there in Redeem Account or Non-Redeem account.

Guidelines of Distributors Schemes Allocation


There are some necessary guidelines of schemes for the users. These guidelines are:

If there are n different distributors there will be different schemes for each and every distributor.

  • No one can see another distributors schemes. Each one has its own different schemes allocated.
  • Push Notifications will be sent to each distributors about schemes details. All notifications will be different for every distributor.

Scheme panel is common for all the distributors. Schemes will be shared via Jpeg or PDF  file where all distributors can see common schemes shared by the admin panel.

Our Strategy and Solutions

To fulfill the clients wish, first we have created two different accounts i.e Redeemable account and Non-redeemable account.

Redeemable account is used to claim the rewards, gift and send requests to the admin panel for this. Where, the points will be deducted from the redeemable account and will go to the requested user gift account until user’s gets the gift.

Once user gets the rewards, then admin panel will deduct the point from the requesting user gift account. Green symbol in the requested account identify the approval of the request where, red color indicated the rejection. In case request reject from the admin panel, then the points will go back to the requesting accounts. Moreover,users will also notify regarding the request approval or rejection status. There will be different scheme for each and every distributor. No one can see the other distributors schemes. Each one has its own different schemes allocated. Push Notifications will be sent to each distributor about the schemes details. All notifications will be different for the each and every distributors

QilinLab is such a great Software Company.
It help us to present our app with the customers beautifully.
Hope we will work again in future.

Shobhit Gupta
Application Rating

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