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How To Avoid Most Common Pitfalls Of Outsourcing Software Development

How To Avoid Most Common Pitfalls Of Outsourcing Software Development

Chandra Dangwal

Pitfalls During Outsourcing Software Development

Needs for Outsourcing Software Developments

Outsourcing of Software Development is a mutual trend adapted by many businesses for increasing their demand in the market.. It helps reduce the cost of software development and make your software product hit the market in the least time possible.

If you are a project manager or business owner, you should know the pitfalls of outsourcing and methods to avoid them. In this article pitfalls of outsourcing, the list is given below. Read the blog below to understand a few common mistakes that businesses tend to make during outsourcing. We believe it’s the best guide for you so far if you are looking to outsource your projects.

Top 5 Probabilities that could occur during outsourcing of Software Development

There are various possibilities which we should avoid as a business, while outsourcing. It may affect the project as well as the business strategy. Some of the most common pitfalls of Outsourcing are mentioned below:

1- Less Knowledge of Contracts, Privacy Rules, Legal documentation 

First of all, get a trusted lawyer. Ensure that you sign a Non-Disclosure agreement to protect your project idea before you explore the details of the software project. Make sure to carry this process foremost. It helps to protect your data from exploration and maintain the project privacy.

As a business owner, you must try to avoid being a victim of software piracy. Hence, doing efforts to ensure that your vendor team does not use proprietary in-house tools which are belonging to the other client’s projects without authorizations is must.

The reason for doing the same is that there may occur any complications when it comes to owning full intellectual property rights. Make sure that your contract has a special clause that states that you are the only owner of the project and own the copyright of the projects after completion.

We have seen businesses complete the whole process and see very similar products in market after 6 months. They can do nothing then to help it. They feel helpless , since all their research , and effort is copied by someone else, and the vendors sell to multiple clients for cheap rates.

2- Choosing the Vendor without any Market Research

First and foremost, do not avoid or delay the research and development process for outsourcing markets. By doing the research you will get the contacts of best vendors suitable for your projects.

Before investing in the market you should explore the market by the possible research and check for possible references. Compare the plans provided by the different vendors and concentrate on the offers they are providing. You can then, list  the best vendor according to your requirements

The more you explore the market you will get better plans and you would get from best vendors for outsourcing software development. Get a proper knowledge of your projects and list down some important points like goals, objectives, and requirements to filter the best vendor for outsourcing. Then compare whether the developer offers you the relevant services which are required for your project or not. Always opt for the experienced and best-fitted outsourcing team for successful web developments.

At last vendor’s company profiles, years of experience, and experience in similar projects will be a few good points to concentrate while researching  the best outsourcing web development teams.

What appears cheaper in quotation, may cost you a lot of money in the long run. Look for a bargain, but never compromise on quality. Ask for relevant past projects, and ask some questions to judge their understanding of the problem.

3- Fail to Understand the Project Scope
Before outsourcing the project, get to know the project objectives, requirements, project deadlines, what you want as a result, the scope of the software, the overall performance of the project range for making a successful outsourcing.

SRS Software Requirements specification is a good start to maintain clear objectives and requirements for the outsourcing project.
SRS templates will be a good choice for the non-technical companies which can help in the documentation process.
The SRS documents help you to organize the project requirements which you want the outsourcing development team to know very well before they start. So that the development team will not add any extra content in the project.
The vendor will not be able to claim that the feature is not mentioned / added extra later if you do so.
If the requirements are not very clear at initial stage, which is a common phenomenon, send some budget on creating a prototype, which will help  you visualize things much better and close-in on the scope. We, at Qilin Lab , offer prototyping services, please feel free to contact us for the same.

4- Improper knowledge of Project Cost

Cutting down the project cost is the first thing which comes up in everyone’s mind during outsourcing. Every businessman wants to make a profit and invest the minimum amount possible in their production and earn better profit from it.

However, sometimes it appears as a pitfall because, In most cases, non-experienced people are ready to outsource at a cheaper rate.

Its consequences are the risk of project failure or poor quality projects. To avoid such issues always go for the experience and professional, agencies, and developer teams with the appropriate payment.

It is highly recommended to always choose a vendor who has a good amount of work experience in this field and is capable enough to fulfill your project’s requirements.

5- Communication Barriers

Communication is the necessary step for a successful outsourcing of your projects and sometimes lack of communication may be a pitfall for ineffective outsourcing.  Always have a communication medium between the owners and vendors.

Communication is an essential way to succeed in outsourcing projects. Many of the business owners and project managers face problems during outsourcing just because of lack of communication. So, always maintain a regular medium for communication with the outsourcing teams.

Staying in touch and communicating with the outsourcing developers and teams is a good practice. Use the most common language which is adaptable by everyone.

Use the different collaboration tools like video callings, chats, audio channels, and maintain a regular meeting with the outsourcing development team. Insist on seeing half-built versions of the project , to be on track from the very start.

Useful Tips to for outsourcing software developments

Below are some useful tips for “How to avoid pitfalls of outsourcing software developments”. Follow these tips for outsourcing your projects without any problems and taking risks.

  • Maintain Communication.
  • Avoid inexperienced vendors and agencies.
  • State Your own goals and objectives for the project.
  • Plan a proper project budget.
  • Make Realistic Deadlines.
  • Check the quality of service by vendors. Ask to showcase previous projects.
  • Always have a backup plan ready.
  • Give a start by initiating with minor projects for your experience with vendors.

Time to Wind Up
That’s all we have for you! We have covered all the common mistakes businesses tend to make while outsourcing their software development projects. We recommend going for the research first and then proceeding with the search for vendors. It’s always better asking for previous portfolios to the vendors before assigning them the projects. Also we believe that precaution is better than cure.
To kick start your project with our team, brief us with your requirements here!