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How app design impacts your business sale

How app design impacts your business sale

Chandra Dangwal


They are always in our pockets with us and useful for all our requirements from texting to calling and capturing  memories for us. Although they are useful for making calls, the basic purpose of mobile devices is to run a whole host of applications that serve nearly every possible purpose.

Businesses from every part of the world, presenting a ridiculous range of products, have begun migrating from the real world of printing advertisements, handing out leaflets, hanging, and billboards, to the mobile realm. And you should too.

There are numerous mobile applications on the app store today. Some have been highly used while others have found it hard to aim in such a competitive market. Across all industries and businesses, design can make a large difference between those industries that succeed, and those that don’t. The basic difference between a good app and a bad app is  usually the user experience and designs of the application. Today’s mobile users expect a lot from an application; easy to use, fast loading time, attractive content and many more. If you want to be a successful businessman, you have to consider app design to be not just a minor aspect for designing, but also a necessary component to increase your business sales.

App designing plays a vital role in the businesses, which can directly impact on the business. At present,  app design is the best way to spread your business in front of the world.

Mobile apps that are designed without putting the UI/UX and attractive designs may be a failure to attract the audience. It is very important for the app developers to understand the importance of UI/UX designing in the mobile app developments.

Design of an app includes the look and feel of the application. This means how your application interacts with your audience. The major goal of a good app design is to increase the business productivity, improve the brand name and engage your users with the app.

Generally users like those applications which have a stunning look and feel with attractive user experiences. So, in today’s market, design is a powerful tool that really gives a positive impact on your business and with the best design feature you can easily beat out your competition.

Major Aspects to Improve The Business Sales with Quality Application Design

Application designing for mobiles and tablets is different from posters, magazines and even website designs. So, it is a big task for the designers to build innovative, unique and beautiful user interface mobile applications.

People want to keep only those apps that they really use or love. Otherwise the applications are deleted from the customers’ side. And the worst thing is that users could post a bad review which can affect your business productivity and application performance in the stores.

UI/ UX designers have a very important role while creating the application for application development for businesses. It is their responsibility to make the application with the latest designing techniques which look more attractive and user friendly.

The first challenge of a businessman is to develop an application, which can present their business all over the world. And it is the best way to reach their business to their clients.

An efficient user experience design and attractive application for the development of business is necessary to create user engagement. The major reason for good application designs is to achieve business goals for increasing business productivity, improve brand reputation, and increase revenue and traffic.

Beneficial Impacts Of App Designs in Businesses Productivity

1- Increased sales of your business products and services.

2- Improved your market position.

3- Reduces development time.

4- Enhances the visibility of the brand.

5- It makes marketing easy and fast.

6- Build a strong identity for your business.

7- Reduces the time for advertising new products and services.

8- Creates direct contact with your clients.

9- Increases customer loyalty and fulfills their requirements.

Innovative UI/UX Design contribution To The Success of Businesses

Mobile Application that has a good user interface and stunning look & feel are useful for the businesses and their productivity. And these stunning designs are a result of an attractive User Interface (UX) and User Experience (UI) design. Today, all the applications are built by putting UX/UI designs into consideration.

Mobile applications which are designed without using UX/UI into consideration leads to a failure to attract the clients or users. In today’s market, users prefer easy and quick navigation applications that can solve their problems with fewer touch and interactions. Therefore, it is very important for all the app developers and businessmen to comprehend the importance of UX/UI in the development of mobile applications. First of all, it is necessary to understand the important concepts of UX/UI designs.

The Necessity of User Interface:

The user interface of a mobile application includes the attraction, designing, look and feel of the application; that means how your application interacts with its clients. It generally highlights your business through the application. The role of the user interface designer is to focus on the application graphic design by understanding the users’ needs.

The Necessity of User Experience:

User experience provides the satisfaction of the clients with the help of improving simplicity, usability and effective user interaction. The user experience is the process that determines the point of view of the customers on how the application feels. This has a huge impact on establishing the impression of your business planning. User experience contains all the necessary elements of the user’s interaction with the application. Effective user experience helps to increase this belief.

Eminent Characteristics of UI and UX designs in Mobile Applications

1- UI and UX are very popular in the Technology world. The most common misunderstanding is that UX and UI both are similar. But it is not true. Everyday Mobile application designers and UX/UX developers, design mobile applications to make your life easier.

2- UI/UX is important because it tries to fulfill the client’s requirements. It aims to provide excellent experiences that keep the clients loyal to the brand and product. A good UX/UI allows you to define the customer’s journey on your business product that is most beneficial to business success.

3- UI/UX is different for everyone. The most important thing to keep in mind while designing an application is that you have to design an attractive user interface, the flow of the users, and what they actually want from your app. This means your application should have attractive designs with the proper flow of content and navigation.

4- The main focus of UX design is availability and usefulness. UX  designers should focus on product convenience and usability. Make sure you use common colors, font style, symbols and icons that make the app easy for the users. You can provide outstanding user interfaces in your app. If you have not enough designing knowledge, you can hire app designers as they are mostly good at playing fonts, designs, and colors to give you an amazing feel for your app.

Bad Design of Applications and its Impact on Business Sales.

Negative Effects on Business Productivity

Business productivity is negatively affected by poor application designs or user experiences. Your business sales and productivity come up with innovative results that will be decreased if you cannot figure out where your application designs and UX fall short. With the fast competitive world, it affects business productivity and sales. So, the developers need to improve the app designs or user interface to provide good user experiences.

Reduced Development cost

A bad UX can hold all the development and growth of the business, which can bring development costs on the line. Fixing the UX issues in the app can increase the business development cost.

Decrement on Retention Rate

Due to bad application designs, businesses suffer the most. And this leads to decreased productivity, revenue, customer retention rate, and overall business development cost. App failure reasons can be many, but the negative user experience and designs can kill business sales.

Let’s learn about the reasons that lead to bad app designs.

Application developers cannot ignore the term Retention – it is one of the most necessary mobile application performance metrics. As per the 2019 survey, the reason behind 80% of users’ stops using an application is its bad user experience and user interface features.

4 Topmost Reasons that Lead to Bad App Designs

1- Complicated Designs

Multiple features of an app make it unique and interesting by the developer and designers. Mobile application designers try to develop the app with a perception, i.e. users might like the app. With this positive perception, developers add irrelevant features to make it look unique and interesting. Well, it is not important that users like and understand these features. The unnecessary designs and features make the app more complicated and lower user’s engagement with the application. Always try to create unique and simple designs while developing the app.

2- Complex Navigation

An organized application user interface allows the customers to browse through the product and use its services without any hassle. Build an app with excellent UI/UX designs and make it easier to use and user-friendly. Users usually prefer online shopping to get the product directly, without going anywhere. Complicated navigations decrease the demand for an app. Users generally get frustrated, irritated and they uninstall apps due to the complex navigation.

3- Unexciting Content

An organized application user interface allows the customers to browse through the product and use its services without any hassle. Build an app with excellent UI/UX designs and make it easier to use and user-friendly. Users usually prefer online shopping to get the product directly, without going anywhere. Complicated navigations decrease the demand for an app. Users generally get frustrated, irritated and they uninstall apps due to the complex navigation.

4- Application Reloading Time

More reload time irritates the users. Lousy interface designs and user-friendly experiences affect a user’s engagement. Nobody likes to download or visit an app that takes more reload time. And the bounce rate is directly proportional to the app reloading time. As per the recent studies, if the reload time of any application is increased by 1 to 4 seconds, the bounce rate probability also increases to 35% and more. Thus improved reloading time will improve the user experiences.

Useful Features to Keep in Mind

1- Set your target customers and design core interfaces accordingly.

2- Provide a specific user experience.

3- Keep the application design responsive.

4- Attractive design with easy navigation.

5- Keep application design responsive

6- Use only the necessary information.

7- Choose the right color to improve the UX design interface.

8- Be sure that your application design should be user friendly.

The Bottom Line

A great application designing is the perfect combination of functionality and beauty and that is exactly what you should be aiming for when building your businesses.

So, invest intelligently and design your application with enriching, engaging, and fulfilling experiences for your audience. Now you know well that a good designing app creates a positive impact on your business productivity.

In this competitive world, to be a successful businessman, it is important to provide your user with excellent user experience applications. Giving them the best user experience means that you are rendering excellent service that will help you to increase the sales of your business.