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Spend the bit coin- case study

Case Study

Bitcoin App

How did we help to create a bitcoin Wallet App for the company?

Diamond Star Group Financial was formed in Vietnam. It commenced operations early 2016 in Vietnam and has now operations in 35 locations across the country with four offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho. We provide “spendthebits” a bit coin wallet app as per their need

Company Details:-



As per our Client wish, he wanted to create a Bitcoin Wallet app. By which they can secure their payment transaction with the minimum charges. Where their customers also take the advantage of this app and secure their payments from hacking and cashback frauds.  To make it easy for their users he wish to create two different sections for receiving and sending the bitcoins . Also, user can send or receive the bitcoins by adding the correct address or scan the QR code of the requesting person. When the transaction  successful users will easily get the notification and track their status by the transaction history.

Client Requirements:-

1- Built an application which takes minimum time to transfer bit coins with less network charges.

2-  Show all transaction history of bit coins.

3- Extra security features like OTP  for the application security.

4- Stop application from brute force attack.

5- Notification message should  pop on the the transaction 

How it Works

Spend the bits app is developed by QilinLab. It is basically used to sent and received bitcoin using a digital wallet. To get started,

Receiving  Bitcoin

  1. Open your app and select Receive.
  2. Choose the wallet when you want to receive Bitcoins. Make sure you select a receiving Bitcoin Cash wallet.
  3. Your chosen wallet will receive the bitcoins. 
  4. Provide the address to the cryptocurrency exchange or person sending you Bitcoin.
  5. Or, simply, the person can scan your wallet QR code with their device.

Sending Bitcoin

  1. Open your Bit the coin app and select Send.
  2. Fill the sender recipient’s wallet address into your own wallet . Or, you can simply  Scan QR code of the person with your app.
  3. Choose the wallet where you want to send Bitcoin from. 
  4. Enter the amount that how much you want to send and select Next.
  5. Be careful and check that you are confirmed with the details and then send.


Our Strategy and solutions


First of all we found the exact challenges and problem.  Then we implemented  various advance technology to resolve all the issues. Now the new strategies are as follows.

1- (Decrease Transaction Rate and Time)

As, we compared to other applications, where it take too much time or hours to transfer bitcoins with the the high network fees. So, here we implemented it using xrpl network in such a way that the transfer rate of bitcoins high with the less network fees.  

2- Easy UI/UX

UI/UX is a crucial part of the mobile application. Here we make the application with simple and attractive UI features to make it more user friendly.

3- Notification Feature

As we analyze the notification can helps their users to better understand the transaction details. We implement the right algorithm to provide the notifications when charges occurs or bitcoin is received.

4- Conversion of bit coin in Various Currencies

As per the best user satisfaction, we convert the bitcoin in the various currencies.

5- Transaction History Details

We create the application with advance technology which shows all the transaction history.

Security Features

Our services include the project security. First we observe the necessary security parameters for the app according to the application scope, design.  A security reason is major aspect which should be followed to secure the application data and protect it from hack and viruses which helps to show the quality, performance and security standards of the applications.

1-  PIN

As per the security issues, we implemented the PIN feature in the app, which is a security code to identify or verify the owner.

2- Stop Brute Force Attack

To stop the brute force attack, no of OTP attempts is five. After that transaction will not allowed for the 30 minutes.



Our client share all their requirements  related the app. They want a app which can easily transfer and receive the bitcoins with the minimum period of time. But their deadlines is very near because it is an urgent project for them. After we resolved all the issue and fix the necessary security features, they are able to use the application for their business and and their productivity rate has increased by 80%.

Increase In Productivity
Increase In Sales
User Experience

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