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Cloud ERP vs Desktop ERP

Cloud ERP vs Desktop ERP

Nidhi Saraf

Cloud ERP Vs Desktop ERP

Nowadays, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System is on high demand. It is getting popular with each passing day. This ERP System concept works in two different ways such as Cloud ERP System and Desktop ERP System.

Desktop ERP System is the older one and is generally useable in any industry.

As a new era has started for big data and cloud system, everyone wants its data to be safe and secure for a long term and easily accessible anywhere. So new priority of any industry is Cloud ERP System, because it secures data for long term, and is easily accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time.

What is Cloud and Desktop ERP Systems?

Cloud ERP System is like Desktop ERP System but it requires Internet while desktop is based only on its software which has to be installed. Cloud Based ERP System is generally used in large scale industries whereas Desktop Based ERP System is used in small scale industries.

What will be the goal of using it?

Its main goal is to enhance customer relationship management and it also helps in controlling errors in maintaining business resources. It also helps us to achieve our business goal in a better and smoother way.

How its pricing is done?​

Its pricing is usually based on some factors like modules, number of users, installations, add-ons, maintenance and training. Generally, cloud ERP Systems are priced under a monthly and yearly subscription where desktop ERP Systems are generally priced under one time perpetual license-free module .


However, everything in this world has its own significance. Which ERP is better for which industry is based on its use, but now since the era has began with Cloud ERP System, the future lies with it.


1. It does not require any installation process or maintenance. It requires installation of software and its maintenance.
2. It easily supports any browser or system. Problem occurs occasionally in the desktop version.
3. Its price is affordable. It is more costly than Cloud ERP System.
4. It does not require any space /memory to store data. It requires memory space to store data.
5. It is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device. It is also accessible anytime, anywhere but it requires its own software to be installed on device.